Meet the Hebden X-Grid

Flood-battling, permeable, ground reinforcement ecopaving strong enough to support any UK road legal vehicle

We’re committed to innovation here at British Recycled Plastic, so when the country needed super-strong ecopaving that complies with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, we rose to the challenge.

Our Hebden X-Grid builds on the success of the Hebden 402, 401 and famous Hebden 40. In fact, it’s a new and improved design whose updated fastening catch dramatically boosts the strength of the ground reinforcement when the pavers are clipped together.

Hebden X-Grid Ecopaving is a British made ground reinforcement grid used for permeable paving

Able to support 320 tonnes per m2, our latest ecopaving product can handle up to 16 tonne axle loads in line with DIN1072.

What does that mean? Simple: it means it can safely support any road legal vehicle in the UK.

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Discreet, versatile and compliant

With Hebden X-Grid ecopaving it’s easy to create a supportive and permeable hardstanding – one that’s perfect for disguising with gravel or grass to create an even surface for vehicles, wheelchairs or pedestrians. This makes it an ideal surface in areas like parks, rural sites or heritage destinations.

In terms of compliance, using it with gravel chippings makes it Part M compliant, while its modular structure means rainwater returns to the water table, great for helping to prevent flooding and fitting in with any Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) strategy.

Hebden X-Grid ecopaving is an excellent ground reinforcement grid available from British Recycled Plastic in three colours

Here are some benefits

  • Made from 100% recycled polythene
  • Manufactured in Yorkshire
  • Can be finished with grass or gravel
  • Great strength (over 320 tons per metre2)

  • Frost and high UV resistance
  • Great flexibility
  • Lightweight modular system
  • High permeability

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Why choose the Hebden X-Grid?

Two simple reasons. Firstly, our tried & tested product is has been engineered by experts and perfected over years. Today’s X-Grid product offers superb strength, durability, ease of use and overall value for money. You can fill it with either grass or gravel, then drive or park any vehicle right on top, or use it for walkways. Just as importantly, it’s ticks all the right flood compliance and environmental impact boxes, so its great for satisfying architects, planners and environmentalists.

Secondly, we’re a business that’s built on customer service, not just our product. That means you’ll get a quick response to your enquiries, honest and accurate information, convenient on-time deliveries, and fantastic after-sales support.

Also known as…

If you’re carrying out a building project of your own, it’s worth noting that this type of product is known by lots of different generic names including permeable paving, ground reinforcement, turf reinforcement mesh, porous paving, driveway reinforcement, ground stabilisation grids, sustainable path drainage, cellular paving, matrix paving, grass reinforcement, source control grids, geo-matrices, gravel protection, gravel migration protection, grass grids or soil reinforcement.

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