Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to spread knowledge about our Hebden grids.
Ground reinforcement grids, porous or permeable paving, ecopaving, cellular paving, whatever name you choose to give it, have only been around for a few years as a tool, so it is vital that we share our customers’ experiences and improve the understanding of how these innovative products can be used.

Obviously, we have just used a few examples of what our customers have done in these case studies, but if you’d like to share your project on these pages, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hebden grids used for permeable parking in a private driveway

This private driveway in St Albans is using white Hebden grids so that they completely disappear to the casual observer. They keep the gravel completely level, with that “just laid” look for many years.
They also allow the rain to return to the water table without sending it into the drains.
In this case, as is common with many local authorities, the council wouldn’t grant planning permission for tarmac but were happy to see our Hebden ecopaving installed instead.

One of the most impressive companies we’ve seen installing our grids is The Casey Group.

This is the car park of Runcorn Hill Visitor Centre and the ground-workers have used stone chippings for the most trafficked areas and grass for the parking bays.

Ever-professional, they allowed the grass to grow tall enough to mow, understanding that would promote root growth, before mowing it again and opening it to the general public.

This car park in Runcorn uses both grass and gravel to finish their Hebden ground reinforcement grids

This is a community garden set up by residents in Long Eaton.

The volunteers are using our Hebden grids to make pathways throughout the site that are both porous and wheelchair-friendly.

Their purchase was made possible by funding from the Postcode Lottery.

The recently opened Chelmer bypass in Essex has an area underneath that is completely covered with our Hebden grids, as specified by Highways England.

There are also a number of access roads for emergency vehicles that are constructed using Hebden grids bringing the total surface area to around 11,350m2

Hebden grids used at the new Chelmer by-pass

This is a grassed lay-by for the use of the Emergency services in North Yorkshire.

It was installed with Hebden grids this summer by Wills Brothers as part of major infrastructure works to the A1.

Once the grass has grown, it will be mown twice for strength and to promote root growth before being opened for permanent use.

Transport for London has a very clear sustainability agenda which is why they chose our Hebden grids to use for staff car parking and access routes at this depot in Ruislip.

They have used 14-20mm angled chippings to prevent migration in the tread of car tyres.

Using chippings also allows for the surface to ‘bed in’ over time, helping create a more stable surface.

Hebden Grids used by Transport for London at a depot in Ruislip as a car park and access routes
Hebden grids used for a pet rehoming centre in Ipswich

This purpose built facility of Blue Cross for Pets on the outskirts of Ipswich is using our Hebden ecopaving for all of the internal pathways and access routes on the estate.

They have filled the ground reinforcement grids with 14-20mm angled chippings so vehicles can access the various buildings while maintaining a firm, stable surface.