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Technical Specifications

As the Hebden X-Grid recycled plastic ecopaving is quite light, it is very easy to install and can be laid at the rate of around 75-100m² per person per hour.

Grid Area330 x 330 x 40mm – Porous ability: 90% open Structure
Wall Thickness3mm average
Wall Depth40mm
Number of tiles/m²9
Load CapacityUp to 320 tonnes/m²
Axle WeightUp to 16 tonne axle load in accordance with DIN1072
m²/pallet25 m²
Cell ProfileCylinders 55mm nominal
Material100% Recycled UV Stable Polyolefin from UK sources
Temperature Stability-50 to +90°C
Chemical ResistanceSodium Chloride (rocksalt), ammonia, acid rain, petroleum products, hydrocarbons.
Environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 38412
Estimated Installation Time100m² per person per hour once the ground has been suitably prepared
Sub-Base PreparationIn accordance with BS7533-3
Applications and suggested usageGeneral purpose parking finished with gravel or grass, overflow parking, ground stabilisation for footpaths, golf courses, parking areas on airstrips, banks and ditches, paddocks and farms, high wear gateways, green roofs.

Surfaces for Car Parking areas DIN EN ISO 124B125
Maximum Gradient: 5%
Maximum Vehicle speed: 15 Mph

DDA Compliance: Part M Building Regulations

Expected Life: 25 Years


FillingGravel up to 20mm Angular in accordance with NBS Section Q23
Grass seeding / Turfing in accordance with NBS Section Q30
Blinding and LevellingTo level any possible unevenness in the base layer and provide a zone suitable for root growth when being finished with grass
Base LayerTo ensure optimum drainage a layer of crushed rock should be installed. For general purpose use Type 1 is appropriate, whereas Type 3 should be used where the Hebden X-Grids are for use as part of a SuDS strategy.

Performance Figures

All performance figures quoted below are averages and should be checked for specific applications

Density0.924 – 0.966 kg/dm³
Linear expansion coefficient0.068 – 0.075 mm/m/°C
Moisture absorptionUnder 0.46%
Vicat temperature~107°C
Pull Out Value (*)3095 N
E-module500 – 570 MPA
Breaking Strength15.5 – 17.9MPA
Elongation at Break3.7 – 14.9%
Maximum Pull Strength15.5 – 17.8 MPA
Elongation at Maximum Pull Strength3.5 – 4.8%
Impact ResistanceValue
Average12.5 – 17.8 kg/m²
Average0.48 – 0.7 J
Bending TestValue
E-module550 MPA
Max. press force22.2 MPA
Bend at max. press force7.5%
Chemical StabilityValue
MethanolNo visible damage
Methyl Ethyl KetoneNo visible damage
Synthetic thinnersNo visible damage
White spiritNo visible damage
Grease/oils/petrochemicalsNo visible damage
Domestic bleachLight damage
AcidsLight damage